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Whose An Expert In The Markets? | April 29, 2020

This is a serious question; especially when 'experts' and 'pundits' are telling everyone that this coronavirus pandemic is the needle that popped the longest bull run in the stock market. There were even some people that stated the market will not see a 'V' shaped recovery. Right now, neither of these things are playing out that way.

Yes, looking at things like the Fed lowering interest rates to 0%, the Fed injecting trillions of dollars in the market for liquidity, the Federal government enacting PPP for small businesses, the Federal Government giving every citizen a stimulus check, etc... you would expect the economic landscape to be dire. But seemingly it looks like the opposite. Why? Does it even matter?

We all need to realize that its impossible to be labeled an expert in an economy and stock market that is irrational. I would argue that the economy and stock market has never been rational nor logical. We are all speculators in the market, even the experts.

Continue to follow the footsteps of the 'Market Trapper' and you'll begin to see more vividly the disparity between the experts talking points and the stock market direction.

We sure can.


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