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**Viewer Request - HOT/BTC** (Holochain)

Here is our analysis for Holochain.  As you can tell by the daily price chart this altcoin has seen a lot of interest since January 6, 2019.  Holochain has made all time highs on January 27, 2019.  

 This analysis is really risky for the points mentioned below.   

1.  Low trading history on Binance

2.  Market trading at all time highs

3.  No information to distinguish support in the background

4.  Probable 'Dump' coming?

This coin is currently reflecting strength but for the reasons listed previously we cannot state that Holochain will continue to move higher even though its obvious Holochain is maintaining strength.  Holochain MAY have one more day of higher prices then the price may drop because this coin is already overextended to the upside.  It looks like support can be at .00000036 - .00000032 but until the market drops it really can't be determined.  

-HueFin News

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