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Morgan Stanley - A Buy Opportunity?

Greetings to all of you. This is a press release for Morgan Stanley. We're going to look at a price chart for Morgan Stanley to see if it is in fact a buy opportunity. If you look at Morgan Stanley on a monthly price chart, you will see that the downtrend for Morgan Stanley started during the month of March 2018. And ever since then Morgan Stanley has been in a downtrend. The month of December we saw a drop of about 12.03% for Morgan Stanley. Currently, as you can see by the price chart; we are seeing some slight strength coming into the market.

The weekly price chart for Morgan Stanley started moving higher over the last two weeks of December 2018. Currently, Morgan Stanley is hitting resistance around that $42.50 price. It will require a lot of volume in order for MS to break up to the upside. As of right now HueFin News is not indicating that Morgan Stanley has enough strength to break above that price. Until MS is able to break above $42.50 we are not expecting MS to continue its move higher. Now, if we're able to break up above $42.50 then the next resistance area is going to be around $45.

All in all, we are not expecting Morgan Stanley to move higher in price. The market for Morgan Stanley has to break $42.50 to the upside before we could possibly see it as a buy opportunity.


*This is not investment advice.

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