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Crypto's Price Prediction | BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, BCH, XLM, TRX, BNB, ADA | February 25, 2019

We just received word that Coinbase will be listing XRP on their platform. This is the reason why the market for XRP is seeing better price action than many of the other alt's.

But for the most part these alt's are not really showing a lot of strength. For tomorrow we are mostly seeing lower prices, from where we are trading now, to consolidation. We've identified support areas that need to be maintained in order for the alt's to move higher. If they break below these support areas expect movement lower (possibly massive).

-HueFin News.

2:39 - Bitcoin

6:02 - Ethereum

8:18 - Ripple

11:34 - EOS

13:30 - Litecoin

16:02 - Bitcoin Cash

18:17 - Stellar

19:16 - TRON

20:38 - Binance Coin

21:55 - Cardano

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